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Arona has a long history, but its present appearance is linked to the events that link the city to the Duchy of Milan, in the second half of the sixteenth century.
I Visconti, who made it a stronghold of defense, and elected as feudal lords accounts Borromeo. 
Is in the Castle on the Rock who was born in 1538 San Carlo Borromeo.
To see there are beautiful churches, Piazza del Popolo, close to the lake, with the House of the Podestà of the fifteenth century, the medieval heart of Arona. Outside the town are the Sacro Monte di San Carlo, built in the seventeenth century with the Colossus of San Carlo, a bronze statue more than 35 m. which can be visited inside.



Stresa is famous for its beautiful promenade that leads to the Lido and its gardens are filled with spring azaleas and rhododendrons of all colors.
Favorite destination is the park of Villa Pallavicini, an English garden with an amazing view of the lake, very famous for the amazing variety of plants and wildlife. A place of culture in Stresa Villa Ducale in 1770, where he died the philosopher Antonio Rosmini in 1855.In this house there is the headquarters of the International Centre Rosminian Studies, which contains a large library of rare editions and a collection of relics of the life and works of the philosopher. To visit there are some baroque churches rich in sacred art Lombard.
Lido di Stresa, in a few minutes, you can reach the Borromean Islands, Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori eat the famous fried fish from the lake.



Angera is a beautiful bay on Lake Maggiore where the isolate Partegora oasis of protection of birds, lake, covered with reeds and woods. Belonged in past centuries various noble families, must Borromeo is the trace of art and culture in buildings and gardens that realized, including the Fortress of Angera of which still are the sole owners. Dominated by this ancient Rocca Borromeo, one of the few examples of a medieval castle still intact, Angera offers its visitors an incomparable view of the lake Maggiore. A beautiful lakeside promenade lined with green spaces provides an eerie silence, as far from the routes traveled. In the Fortress there is the Doll Museum and the Fashion 12 rooms, an amazing collection of dolls, toys, books, miniature furniture, board games and companies, with more than 1000 pieces on display, making it one of the most important museums industry in Europe.

Isola Bella

The Isola Bella

Besides the fishing village that stood there and houses the Palazzo Borromeo, where you can visit 25 rooms richly decorated with gold and stucco, paintings, statues, tapestries and crystal chandeliers from Murano.
Impressive are the caves, studded with pebbles lake.
From the Palace leads to the beautiful terraced garden, where among statues and azaleas white peacocks strutting walk.
From the upper terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Borromeo Gulf and Stresa.

Isola Pescatori

The Isola Pescatori

To the north there is the Isola Bella Isola dei Pescatori once inhabited by simple fishermen and today offers a meal of fish of the lake. You can stroll through the old fishermen’s houses with wooden balconies and granite jambs.
Every road leads to the lake and small boats and nets are reminiscent of the activities of the inhabitants.
It ‘a small island with his small treasures, such as the parish church with jambs and columns of pink granite of Baveno and the silver bust of St. Charles Borromeo.
Striking is the small cemetery of fishermen and a beautiful view of the Isola Bella and Isola Madre, Baveno and Mottarone.

Isola Madre

The Isola Madre

This island is entirely private. Here the most important element is the Botanical Garden, where, starting from 800 were cultured exotic species from around the world.
Among azaleas and rhododendrons, cypress swamp and tea plants peacocks and pheasants roam free and you can admire a collection of 150 varieties of camellias.
E ‘can also visit the Palace, built from the end of the’ 500 and considered the first of the villas built on Lake Maggiore.
Less rich of Isola Bella Palace has important collections of paintings’ 600 Lombard, of Puppet Theaters, Doll and uniforms of the servants of Casa Borromeo.



Pallanza is a beautiful town of Verbania, made ​​famous in the world for the botanical gardens of Villa Taranto. The huge complex of the gardens of Villa Taranto, which occupies the entire north eastern side of the promontory of Castagnola is due to the work of Neil McEacharn, Scottish gentleman, a lover of nature that he created between 1931 and 1936. In 1952 the gardens were opened to the public, and today are managed by the Botanic Gardens of Villa Taranto, who, in addition, to have preserved the legacy received by the Scotsman, has continued to enrich the botanical heritage and landscaped with new varieties. The pergola of wisteria blue and yellow, the valley, the staircase, the fountain of cherubs, the greenhouse where the floating leaves of the huge Victoria regia, the tulips, the majestic avenue of conifers, the multi-colored Japanese maples, the winter garden its subtropical species, are just some of the wonders that can be seen in this botanical-naturalist, a real masterpiece of art.

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